She sat her baby in a grocery cart and 2 days later died. Share so that it does not repeat itself


How many times have you put a little boy in the super cart? In fact, the children and older children run directly to the cart, because for them it is very fun to walk through the whole store by driving.What seemed like a normal activity became the worst mistake for this mother, was with her baby to buy the warrant for the week, it was around 7 pm when Vivianne came to the super, took a cart and put her little .  

The stroller looked clean and in good condition, Logan, his baby was wearing a not too thin romper, lasted about half an hour, Vivianne used to prepare a list from home with each of the things she needs and fill the list without mishaps.

Arriving home Logan took the bottle to sleep, did not wake again, which was unusual since regularly at two o'clock he got up, Vivianne went to check it, the baby was burning in fever, sweating without stopping, but it looked fast asleep. Half an hour later Logan was vomiting. 
Without thinking Vivianne and her husband took him to the hospital at once. The wait was long, something serious was happening because it looked like it was coming out and one doctor after another came in from the little boy's room. After nearly an hour of distress and despair, doctors gave the diagnosis, incredibly Logan had a picture of 4 adenovirus viruses, rotavirus, salmonellosis and meningitis. How was that possible? from one moment to another he became ill to that degree.
They explained that the only way to get infected was just when the mother, like thousands of other women in the world, sat the child in the super cart, where hundreds of people leave residues and diseases, even if they are not seen. They were doing everything possible to save him, had severe diarrhea and needed to hydrate as soon as possible, the first night was stable, but two days later became very serious and passed away.

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